Sunday, October 2, 2011

And now... Helloween!

I'm back! I took something of a sabbatical from blog writing (personal stuff messed with my head), but now I have returned! And I thought what better way to get caught up than by an October special of 31 blog entries! We'll begin with something truly frightening- more internet search terms used to find my blog!

Neil Patrick Harris Sex- There were several variations on this, and though I'm on the low end of the Kinsey Scale, I can't say I blame anyone for searching like this; he's a handsome charming fellow.
Janet Van Dyne Hentai- This isn't a repeat from the last time I talked about keywords; no, no, there have been many searches with a plethora of variations. While there have been other hentai searches (like Scooby Doo and... ugh... Johnny Test), Marvel's The Wasp far outnumbers them. More to the point, she's the only superheroine specifically singled out. Think about this- there are people who say to themselves "You know that chick from The Avengers who shrinks and flies around? It'd be SO hot to see her get raped by a tentacle!"
African Nerd- The African Nerd, much like it's North American counterparts, can eat its weight in cheet-os during a session of Vampire: The Masquerade. Fiercely territorial, it guards its stash of twenty-sided dice and Batman comics from potential predators.
Blonde Female Historian- I can rationalize having to specify gender, but hair color?
Cross Dressing Jimmy Olsen- Now, to be fair, this IS actually canon. Still, like many things, it's something that should be forgotten about, much like that time Alfred Pennyworth died and came back as a mutated supervillain.
Achilles Heel Art Shaggy Tickled- It's like someone threw words at random into the search bar.
Alan Moore Without Beard- Unfathomable! It'd be like Samson, bereft of his long hair!
Cat Scrotum- ... I got nothing.
Gargoyles Goliath Shirtless- Kind of redundant, as Goliath never wore a shirt.
Alien Breasts/ Hot Alien Babes/ Hot Alien Women- Captain Kirk has visited my site many times, apparently.
I Want to Have Sex With My Uncle Gay- Again, I try not to judge, but I imagine this would make for one awkward family reunion.
Manga Jerry Lewis- Is this really a thing?
Pearl Forrester Outfit- This does my heart good. Keep circulating the tapes!
Punch in Face Comic- I think they may have been looking for this.
Stewardess Comics- You know, when I talked about romance comics, I scoffed at the idea of stewardess-centric themed stories. And yet, it's quite possible the new fall television season will prove me wrong.
The Great Velma and Daphne Debate- Yes, Velma/ Daphne ranks right up there with Lincoln/ Douglas, Nixon/ Kennedy, and Steiner/ Nowinsky.
Yank Something- Considering other search terms, I think we can assume that in this context "yank" is used as a verb and not a noun, and from that we can infer what the "something" is.
The Bees/ Not the Bees/ Bees in the Face- Well, there's only one thing to say to this...

My God, indeed.

30 to go!

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