Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Wonder Of It All...

And now, Helloween continues with some monster covers! Here's some from Marvel's Weird Wonder Tales!
 Galactus is standing just off panel, saying "That guy's stealing my bit!"

When asked about this, Ben Grimm said, "I ain't never dated no capuchin monkeys! I don't care what she says!"

 So, this "doctor" just happens to walk around his lab with no shirt?

 Mister Morgan's Monster? Oh, they must mean his mother-in-law! *rimshot* Here all week, folks! Try the veal!

 For an undead terror, he's very well dressed. Eddie Bauer- proud sponsor of Rampaging Murderous Skeletons.

 Just off panel, Ego the Living Planet's about to say something, and Galactus is telling him, "I know, dude."

Why is it always monsters to pop out of TV shows? Why can't it ever be Christina Hendricks?

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