Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nothing's ever just "canny" in comics...

We continue our look at horror comic covers with Marvel's Uncanny Tales. 

 Okay, the arms are freaky, but I'll admit- my first reaction to this was, "She's pretty cute."

 "When you have bladder control problems, it feels like your lower body is liquifying and dribbling onto the street. But with Uncannix, you can take control of your bladder and feel solid again."

 "Monsters are just inventions of that damned liberal media! Like climate change!"

 I'd say that guy should sue Vonntor, but no lawyer would take that case; after all, he doesn't have a leg to stand on! *rimshot*

 "I Live With Corpses"- Today on Dr. Phil.
 Really? A flashlight? As far as stupid monster weaknesses go, that's up there with "Vampires have OCD, so they're compelled to pick stuff off of the ground".

 ... They're not even trying with this one.

 "Hmm. I'm invisible; what should I wear? Hat, tie with built in collar, shoes, and socks with garters. That should disgust everyone!"

 The Pharaoh appears to be doing nothing more uncanny than taking a leisurely stroll on a lovely day.

 At least this invisible man's wearing pants.

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