Sunday, October 9, 2011

Faster, Josie & The Pussycats, Kill, Kill!

Let us continue our look at the... *ahem* macabre, supernatural adventures of three girls in a band, shall we? (That's rhetorical, mind you; you don't actually get a choice.)

 HOLY S***! Most of the "spooky" covers are of the Scooby Doo "Gosh, gang, we've got a mystery on our hands" style. This one though implies that the characters believe that Josie has been brutally murdered and her skull left in the middle of a festering swamp. That's pretty dark.

 Every now and then, the creators of the various Archie titles seem to just go bats*** nuts. Nothing says "light-hearted teen romp" like armed gunman using the protagonist as a human shield.

 I'm betting whoever receives "The Mummy's Kiss" is gonna need a lot of cold sore remedies.

 And I thought the Native Americans in Peter Pan were offensive....

 You're not too late to save her! She's right there! Run up and push the monster away while someone else grabs her! It's not like he can see it coming!

 ... What the hell is Alan Moore doing there?

 Oh, just give her some Midol, and she'll be back to normal. (Yes, that was a PMS joke. No, I'm not proud of it. Please leave all hate mail in the form of comments.)

So, an ice cream shop with only one flavor? That raises a whole host of questions for a joke that's not particularly funny.

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