Saturday, April 24, 2010

The stunning conclusion to Golden Age Week!

So, my experiment in which I blog once a day for a week, wherein each post is dedicated to a larger theme, is about to come to an end. So, to wrap-up, I decided to do one of my cover mocking bits, with each cover being dedicated to one of the 10 most popular public domain heroes featured in Project Superpowers (which I determined by the extremely scientific method of looking at the Most Visited Entries section of the Project Superpowers Wiki). I've included links to various entries from the Public Domain Super Heroes site, so you can check those out for more info regarding any character. So, here we go!

Strangely enough, "Elect the Black Terror" was the codename used by FOX News for any news story covering the Obama campaign.

This cover illustrates the problem with superhero stories in the Post-WWII era. You couldn't fight Nazis or Japanese soldiers anymore, and costumed supervillains hadn't really come into vogue yet. As a result, the Fighting Yank here is depicted fighting a cow, which, honestly you don't need a superhero for. A sufficiently competent rodeo clown will suffice.

Take a gander at the "damsel in distress" there. Not only does she not look frightened, she neither looks impatient or relieved regarding her impending rescue. I imagine her thought process goes something like this: "Hmm, I'm tied up with these leather straps, but they're not too tight, and they're not causing any chafing. This glass dome isn't too bad either; there's plenty of air, and it's a comfortable 68 degrees. Oh, what's this? I'm being rescued? Hmm...."

The Green Lama vs. Henry the Eighth! Only in America, only on Pay-Per-View!!!

I'm not sure if this cover represents sexism, homophobia, or transphobia, or if it's just plain weird. I'm suspecting the latter, because DD back there seems to be enjoying this scene WAY too much.

Miss Masque
Ah, the 1940's. When you could not only depict all women as overly emotional, but as bad drivers to boot!

That guy is either grimacing because a) Captain Future just punched him in the face, or b) said punch apparently caused the gangster to shoot himself in the groin.
Why is Skyman saying Face's name with quote marks? Is he being sarcastic? I hope Face's response is something like "And you did a good job hanging around with your thumb up your ass while I did all the work! Boom!"
First off, yes, part of that comics title is "Reg'lar Fellers"; honestly, I've seen rap album titles that were more grammatically correct. Second, as you can probably guess, Hydroman's powers include turning into water, sort of prototype for Zan from the Wonder Twins. Why he's fighting a lion, I have no idea. Clearly, the lion appears confused by it, too. "Seriously? What are you going to do, get my mane all wet? But, if you insist, then RROOARR, I suppose..."

"Aah! It's Cat-Man! And you can see his scrotum poking out of his ridiculousy short pants! RUN!!!"

And, on that sublimely classy note, Golden Age Week concludes. I hope you all had fun. For more about these and other characters in all new adventures, check out Project Superpowers by Alex Ross and Jim Kruegger. They wrote Justice, and that was awesome, so you know this will be more of the same.

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