Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cowgirl Romance? Sounds sexy....

So, for Golden Age Week, I wanted to do at least one that focuse on the latter half of the period, and ideally one that focused on a genre other than superheroes, such as westerns or romance. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of anything terribly insightful to say that I hadn't alread said in my Capes & Cowboys essay, and none of the covers I found seemed ripe for parody. That is, until I found a little thing called Cowgirl Romance. Jackpot!

I've had fantasies like this. Making out with a fine lady, you have a gun, and there's a plate of bacon cooking up for afterward. That's pretty sweet. However, I'm curious what has the cowpoke (oh, he'll be poking something alright!) is spooked by. Considering he and his lady friend are making out near both a cactus and an open flame, some vague shadow or hooting should be low on the list of potential hazards.

So, uh... Where's the romance? Is it the gunfight? Is that what I've been doing wrong, not taking girls to participate in shoot-outs?

Now, aside from that first one, if the covers are any indication, Cowgirl Romance seems to be a misnomer. Certainly, cowgirls are prominently displayed, but there doesn't seem to be any romance. Certainly not the tawdry, scurrilous kind of romance, which is the best kind. Unless the lady in this cover has a thing with the calf. Maybe that's why she's so protective of it. She doesn't want anyone branding it, because it's already branded... HER HEART!

Look at that desperado. I know he's supposed to be the bad guy, but just look at that face! That's the kind of face that says, "Aw, hell, was this a bad idea!" The girl is scratching at him and gouging him with her spurs, while the protagonist appears to be gearing up for one hell of a Testicular Claw. My heart goes out to this guy.

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