Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here comes the pain- More Jerry Lewis

I'm not sure what point they keep trying to make with these covers. Is Jerry some kind of bumbling, sexless manchild?

Maybe it's just me, but when you put Jerry in charge of your military secrets, you're begging to be nuked. Also, why on Earth would you label Top Secret materials "Top Secret"? That would be like me wearing a t-shirt with arrows pointing to where I could be more easily stabbed.

Jesus Christ, will the CIA never learn! Jerry is not James Bond! Also, I think that other guy is wearing a disguised Plastic Man on his head.

You'll notice as we go forward that the creators progressively move away from the standard formula of "Attractive Female + Dumb Joke = Comedy". They reached a compromise here by dressing Hagar as Brunhilde. Look at that armor! It's practically a brasierre! In fact, I'm pretty sure Jack Kirby copied that design for Big Barda. Here, take a look....

Chilling resemblance, no?

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