Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Abyss Stares Into Thee: DC's Adventures of Jerry Lewis Part 2

And now, it's time to continue with my searing expose of Jerry Lewis covers. After perusing the... "jokes", I guess you'd call them, you'll no doubt find the ultra-lined, grimacing, bepouched figure of a typical Rob Liefeld cover soothing balm by comparison. Here we go!

Ah, comics, providing racial stereotypes and cheap laughs for the benefit of affluent white Americans for decades. Also, check out Jerry's date- he's making time with Daphne from Scooby-Doo! Either she's moonlighting, or else Mystery Inc. thinks that Jerry is some sort of dangerous felon disguised as a horrific spectre and she's going undercover to bring him down.

I alluded to it in my previous blog entry's joke about hentai, but The Adventures of Jerry Lewis really seemed to be ahead of its time, as it is embracing manga tropes and models before manga had even come up with them. Here, Jerry appears to be the star of a harem manga. Harem mangas are characterized by a bumbling male lead who is constantly courted by a bevy of attractive female suitors. For good measure, Jerry randomly has magic powers in this one, which will no doubt lead to zany hijinx!!!

I found this image to be deeply unsettling; see if you can't figure out why. Ignore the awkward nursery rhyme reference and focus on the details here for a moment. Note the lack of motion lines surrounding the young lady, whereas Jerry and the baker have motion lines aplenty. Notice how she's not actually paying attention to anything that's actually happening in the scene. If you're anything like me, you'll come to the startling realization that SHE'S DEAD!!! Now, you might be saying, "Maybe she's just a mannequinn or cardbord standee or something?" I scoff at that. A far more outlandish, and therefore plausible, scenario is that Chef McKillspree over there drugged that poor girl, coated her in a sugary glaze or some sort of translucent candy coating, and baked her into a cake! I'm almost positive I've seen a Tales From the Crypt like that. And all of this in a Code-Approved comic too! Jerry's obviously the next victim, as he'll get brained over the head with a rolling pin and turned into a pan of delicious buttery croissants (because the French love both Jerry Lewis and croissants). It's like if TLC's Cake Boss were made into a movie directed by Rob Zombie. Scary stuff.

It's PLANE to see that Jerry's very foolish here!!!

...I'm sorry, these covers are starting to get to me.

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