Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bonus Post- Jimmy Olsen, Idiot.

Much like his cohort Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen had his own series full of dumb covers. But whereas the overarching theme of Lois's comics was marriage, Jimmy's tend to be more insane in a vague fashion. I present to you some of the stupid covers that this bowtie wearing mook has brought us....

You tell that guy, Jimmy! After all, what kind of leech would risk life and limb to take pictures of accidents and crime scenes, capturing people at their most vulnerable? ... Besides you, of course, Jimmy.
Considering that these ladies seem to be one of your more sedate mob of fans, I'm not sure what exactly Superman is trying to rescue him from, except the potential loss of his virginity.
First, I'm so glad that Superman has nothing better to do than help Jimmy peel potatoes instead of something like, oh say, SAVING THE WORLD! Second, I thought Jimmy was a teenager? How could he possibly get drafted?
Jimmy Olsen is clearly jealous of that super-powered midget.
See? This is what I'm talking about! If Jimmy is young enough to be sent to an orphanage, then why was he in the army?!?
"The Girl with Green Hair"? That's the best way they could describe her? Not the fact she's flying or has super-strength? No, clearly, the single most defining characteristic of her is her hair.

Okay, fine, Jimmy knows Voodoo. Ignoring the fact that they appear to be in Africa and Voodoo is something traditionally associated with the Carribean, why is he dressed like Sitting Bull?

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