Saturday, April 10, 2010

Watchmen Translated!

So, I found this translator. Basically, it takes something in English, translates it into several languages, and then translates it back; there was an episode of NewsRadio that had the same premise. So I thought, "Why not take one of the greatest graphic novels of all time and see if even Alan Moore's genius can succumb to the goofiness of a Google translator?" So, here it is: Watchmen.

Rorshach's Journal- October 12th, 1985: Explosion in a bus in the morning, eat a dog. The city is part of me. It's a real person. Resources Download area, street, blood, full of mange, the juice should be the ultimate guarantee that each pool. Mud accumulation on the ground, waist and elimination of all prostitutes and all politicians called a balloon and "save us!" ... I looked down, whipser "no". They have a choice, all of it. Like my father, or President Truman rates. Who salaries during the day, I believe a decent person. In contrast, Ross and rebel communists do not know, the formation of Grand Canyon by foot, until it was too late. Do not tell me you have no other choice. List of the world, and I hope that all of the devil and the liberals and intellectuals, writing and speaking ... Suddenly, no one can say.

Rorshach's Journal- October 13th, 1985: Today, a dream day. I get up at 4:37. Guests and odor complaints. He has five children, five different fathers. I believe that welfare fraud. I will soon be night. I think this place is terrible massacres of children, such as wages. New York. It was Friday night the Actor died in New York. Who knows why. It ... Nobody knows. Twilight Series adultery and guilt. I believe that we have to find it. The visit was the first night of stay. Nobody knows anything. Feeling a little depressed. Rabies deaths in the city. This is the best you can export trouble bubble patch? Do not despair. Next. I went to heroin and number of children of human cockroaches. Work and other places have more people.

Rorshach's Journal- October 13th, 1985. 8:30 pm- He met with Veidt left bad taste in your mouth. This is a spoiled, rotten, hypocritical, or even sell their own level of freedom. It can be fun? Do not forget to search. Dreiberg wrong. Oats, lack of tears in his basement. Why so little, we are still effective, healthy, and not a personality disorder. Sava, the first night garage. The first round began Silk, aging prostitute, was killed in a California vacation. The captain will be the 74th car accident decapitated. Butterfly Conservation Area in Maine. He killed his shadow shame, 6 weeks after his retirement, a small country, to seek revenge. U.S. dollars have been killed. Justice Bell to stop the 53rd. The Actor died. Only two names on my list. Rockefeller Center is a joint force in two areas. It before. I say kill people close to unstoppable.

Rorshach's Journal- October 13th, 1985. 11:30 pm- Friday night, a comedian died in New York. Who created him, can often be in the window, his head in pain. Nobody cares. But no one cares for me. What? This is a waiver? War. Million. Million people die of grief. Why have so many been killed? The results, good and bad, good and evil is punished. Even taking into account natural disasters, and compromise. There are many who deserve punishment and not enough time.

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