Saturday, April 3, 2010

My God, It's Full of Stupid: DC's Adventures of Jerry Lewis Part 3

Apparently, Jerry at one point deeply coveted the role of Mrs. Hannigan in the musical "Annie". Really, though, I think what this cover is depicting is Jerry as a shabbily dressed madam in a brothel, or possibly a cross-dressing pimp with none of the flair that pimps are known for. Let's look at the evidence: attractive women dressed in evening wear, references to "dates", and Jerry barking orders to the ladies. There's no mention as to what will should the ladies fail to bring him a hot pastrami sandwich, but I think we can all guess the probable outcome.

I'm looking at the expression on the face of Jerry's date, and I'm still puzzled. Is she amused at Jerry's childlike innocence? Disappointed that they didn't apparently make out? Is she sitting on a tack? She's tapping her finger, but she doesn't really appear impatient. It's all quite mysterious.

I like this cover, or rather, it neither immediately confuses or irritates me. Oh, to be fair, it's not very funny, but it's a quiet, dignified unfunny. Nobody is talking here in an attempt to say something obvious about an already absurd situation. The only really glaring thing here is the outfit that Jerry's date is wearing. It would seem the artist mistook "toga" for "something Pocahontas might wear".

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