Sunday, April 11, 2010

Watchmen Chapter IV Translated!

Dr. Manhattan: Images in hand. This image, men and women. This is the park in 1959. 12 seconds of time, pictures of my feet I want to give up the sand and walk away. And by 12, and next to each other. Now 10 seconds. Images in hand. I found the test suites and 20 hours of IT infrastructure. 7 times in the past, on his part, referred to in the dark. I'm still here, for your reference. Images in hand. Women between the thumb and forefinger popcorn movie. Dash persons wealth. Now, 7 seconds. From October 1985. I am a Martian. In July 1959th I was in New Jersey, and an amusement park obstacles. 4 seconds. 3 I am tired now. Finger up and down vote on his feet in the sand. I see stars. Although it was so easy ... What. Each of us can see the old photos.

I found the day after 227 million miles in 10 minutes. Two hours later, in the future as a meteorite from the balcony window, think of my father. I am in the final 12 seconds, crossed my fingers. Cover. I saw stars. Halley's Comet through the solar system, associated with a large oval-shaped, 76-year-old. My father left a deep impression of paradise. Reform of the time. That was in 1945. I sat in the kitchen of Brooklyn, is obsessed with black velvet dental system. I am 16 years old. That was in 1985. I am a Martian. I Cincuentín and 6 billion years. Photo legs, arms. I see the stars, but in space and time complexity of shapes. I try to go on the road....

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