Saturday, February 12, 2011

Girls' Love, The Finale!

Between this series and the Superman comics, I am convinced that DC is obsessed with incest.

Well, it took them over a decade and 150 issues, but they finally put an African-American on the cover. Also, my first thought with this cover was, "Maybe they should just love each other? That'd be hot! Rrooowrr...."

"Is the reception still on?"
"Well, I guess I can take the toaster back..."
"Hmm, I bet I can still make it home in time to watch the game...."

Yeah, that biker looks tough. Nothing says "badass" like a lavender shirt.

Man, can those two make out or what? It takes a lot of discipline to continue frenching when you have a screaming child pulling your hair.

Would she rather he had guessed correctly? Also, how on earth did that sweater pass the Comics Code Authority? Moonshiners don't sport jugs that big!

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