Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Girls Love Comics, Boys Love Football

Let's see... Dark hair, dark clothes, arched eyebrows; I'm betting the lady in purple is a lying, manipulative villain in this story.

I love how there's literally no context for this one. The lady in orange just storms in and acts mean. For fun, take her taunt and replace "try on my wedding dress" with something else and say it to someone. "Go ahead and have some of my three-bean casserole; you'll never have one of your own!!!"

You know why they call a queen's staff a sceptre? Because everyone gets love 'cept her! ... I just realized that joke doesn't really work in a printed medium.

Do people really make out underwater?

"Stupid snow! I hate you!!!"

The moon has been known to call bowling alleys and ask if they have 10lb balls.

I've learned from experience that you should, at the very least, be absolutely certain you know the woman before you start smelling her hair.

See? More underwater smooching! I'm missing out!!!

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