Monday, October 18, 2010

Should we call it "The Scarab Gambit" now?

As you, dear readers, are no doubt aware by now, I'm very much obsessed with Disney's Gargoyles. Likewise, astute followers of my blog will notice I've taken a shine to Alex Ross's Project Superpowers series. But did you realize that both have more in common than my adoration?

It came to my attention that both series share similarities in regards to certain characters. In Gargoyles, you have the character of David Xanatos. He's the suave, wealthy pseudo-antagonist of the Manhattan Clan. In P:SP, you have Amon Khadul, aka The Scarab, the suave, wealthy pseudo-ally of the returned Golden Age heroes.

These two characters share many traits; so much so that it's quite possible they're really the same character. Observe the evidence!

1) Both are wealthy, handsome businessmen of Mediterranean descent- Xanatos is Greek, Khadul is Middle Eastern, quite possibly Egyptian.

2) Xanatos made his fortune by selling a rare coin that he came across, then using the proceeds and his natural genius to parlay that into a multi-billion dollar empire. Khadul made his fortune by selling a rare scarab amulet he found, then using the proceeds and his natural genius to parlay that into a multi-billion dollar empire.

"Intriguing. Go on..."

3) Both have incredible aptitude in science, specifically electronics.

4) Both have developed incredibly advanced suits of battle armor that overcome their lack of superpowers.

Though the Scarab's armor is a bit more sleek.

5) Xanatos is a member of the Illuminati, a secret group that secretly controls the world. In secret. Khadul is a member of the Supremacy, a clandestine group that... uh... clandestinely controls the world.

6) You're never sure which side either one is really on.

7) Xanatos hangs out with Goliath, a large, intimidating gargoyle named after an Old Testament strong man. Khadul hangs out with Samson, a large, intimidating superhero who might actually BE an Old Testament strong man.

Now, you're probably saying that these are highly coincedental. That happens in comic-booky type stuff. After all, the X-Men are basically just the Doom Patrol with more popularity and fewer deformities. Well, I've saved the most telling proof for last. Prepare to have your mind blown.

8) The name of the firm which manufactures all of Xanatos's high-tech equipment is called SCARAB ROBOTICS!!!

My mind has been blown!!!

Now, I'm not accusing Alex Ross or any of his collaborators of plagiarism. What I am suggesting is that perhaps he should make a donation to Greg Weisman or any of the other creators of Gargoyles. He can mail the check out to me, I'll make sure they get it. Oh, and make it out to "Cash". Mwa-ha-haaa! (Now why did I type that last part out?)

Also, this is my 96th post. We are drawing ever closer to my epic, 100th post extravaganza. I promise you I will have a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! What could it be? Can you stand the suspense?!?

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