Monday, October 25, 2010

He just won't stop....

Uwe Boll. The very name conjures up feelings of nausea. The man has made some of the worst movies ever. It's sad that Mystery Science Theater 3000 ended, because they'd have had a field day with his crap.

Joel, after watching Bloodrayne.

I'd say Uwe Boll is to movies what Rob Liefeld is to comics, but I like Rob Liefeld (even if I do bust on him mercilessly).

The reason I bring this up is because Uwe Boll has a new film in the works: Blubberella. Billed as "the first fat female superhero", Uwe Boll is attempting to do for the overweight what smallpox did for free blankets.

However, much like Glenn Beck, Uwe Boll has made a mistake, and much like Beck, has left a wide opening for me to boot some truth like an enema of justice!

In the late 80's and early 90's, John Byrne wrote West Coast Avengers (later called Avengers West Coast, because Marvel has OCD). This was back when Byrne only dabbled in bats*** insanity, unlike later in his career.

Anyway, Byrne introduced the Great Lakes Avengers. One of said heroes was Big Bertha. Observe!

Oh, snap! I guess Blubberella isn't the first fat superhero at all! Take that, Uwe Boll!

Anyway, this marks my 97th blog post! We are fast approaching my 100th post blogstravaganza! As a reminder, I will have a major announcement! What could it be? Well, I let you in on something: you can find a hint in one of my posts. Will you guess what it is?

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