Saturday, July 24, 2010

Would you like to take a survey?

I like blogging. I also like the fact that I can make a small supplementary income from blogging. As of right now, I've made a relative fortune, allowing me to life the highlife.
Fancy cuisine for an internet tycoon.

Still, it strikes me that I can do even better. Not just for myself, mind you, but for you- the fans of my blog. So, at great personal cost to myself, I consulted with a former marketing executive who once worked for DC; he's the man that cooked up this...

Said executive suggested I do the same, so we compiled a survey for you the readers! Simply answer the following questions, and I shall endeavor to make changes reflecting the results of the survey.
And then, Step 3: PROFIT!

Hey Kids! Let's jam! A'ight?
Here's a chance to tell me what you think about my blog, if you smell what I'm cooking. You zany cats and dolls can talk about yourselves and I can write blogs that you think are hip and happening, fo' shizzle!

Answer all the questions so that I know who you are and what you think is the bees' knees! To show you how much I appreciate the moxie of you youngsters, I'll hold a drawing of the surveyed readers; one lucky winner will recieve a top of the line 8-TRACK PLAYER*! Far out!

Question 1: I found this blog because of... (Check one)
A) Random web browsing
B) A friend/ family member/ colleague/ streetwalker sent me a link.
C) You, ya moron! You shill your damn blog at every opportunity!!!

Question 2: How do you spend the majority of your time online?
A) Reconnecting with family and friends on social networking sites.
B) Reading various news articles online.
C) Writing Two and a Half Men fanfiction.
D) Looking at porn. Duh.

Question 3: How interested are you in reading blog entries about... (Choose very, moderately, or not at all):
A) Popular comic book characters
B) Comic news
C) Beans and/or George Wendt
D) Profiles on noted comic artists and writers
E) Specific genre trends
F) Orientals

Question 4: What is your favorite at breakfast?
A) Hot cereal
B) Cold cereal
C) Bacon
D) Waffles/ Pancakes
E) Scotch
F) Why do you want to know about breakfast? Are you... Are you coming on to me?!?

Question 5: What is the last kind of music album that you bought?
A) Rock and/ or Roll
B) Country and/ or Western
C) Hip and/ or Hop
D) Polka and/ or Gregorian Chant
E) It's 2010! Who the hell buys albums anymore???

Question 6: What type of comic book villain is your favorite?
A) Mad Scientists
B) Aliens
C) Robots
D) Vampires
E) Sparkly Vampires
F) Costumed supervillains
G) Rob Liefeld
H) Immigrants

Question 7: Magnets- How the @#$% do they work?
A)... What?!?

Question 8: How would you rate my blog?
A) Awesome
B) So awesome

Thanks for the taking the survey! Shine on, you crazy diamonds! Bootylicious!

*8-Track player may not actually exist.

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