Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day Blow-Out Part 1!

This weekend, when we should be celebrating our liberation from the hated, awful British,, we as a country have to deal with some bad news- they cast some filthy scone-eating limey as Spider-Man, and that's something I'm pretty sure I warned you about. To help improve national morale following this crushing blow, here are some covers depicting that paragon of Americana- Captain America!

If you're going to have an evil hotel, you may as well go all out and have an evil registry and assorted evil paperwork.

I should note that this cover is from 1942, when fighting Nazis was not only appreciated but expected. I have absolutely no idea why Cap is fighting evil hill folk; maybe they're brewing Nazi moonshine?

... There's way too much going on in this cover for me to come up with a funny comment.

Oh, c'mon Cap, leave the guy be! He's just trying to get into the Guiness Book of World Records or something!

The title of this story- "Cap goes to Lilliput and gets raped by a mysterious hand"

I've seen enough Roadrunner cartoons to know that this won't end well for that guy with the hostage....

And here Cap is... nowhere to be found. What the- ?!?

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