Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Blow-Out Part 3!

I'm no weapons expert, but even my rudimentary knowledge of physics and anatomy tells me that's the wrong way to throw a shield.

Ah, yes, 1993. I was just a freshman when the floating heads and laser-toting cyborgs came... Wait,what?

Do supervillains still use giant typewriters anymore?

Ignoring the fact that another man is spraying Cap with a gooey white substance, why is Cap grabbing his own ass?

... Captain America is a dick.

It's taken me twenty years to realize that Paladin there was a homage to the old western TV series "Have Gun, Will Travel". Considering Paladin debuted in the early '90s, twenty years after the show was cancelled but before the rise of the internet, and that the target audience back then were still children, I honestly wonder who they thought would get the reference.

Fun continuity fact: That lady there is Hank Pym's ex-wife! The one he didn't smack around.

... Right. "Dough". I'm sure that's what it is.

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