Monday, March 14, 2011

More Fighting Yank!

"I'm a purple people BEATER! Ha-ha!"

Why were the Japanese torturing a second grade class? Clearly, they wanted the youngsters to divulge America's tiddlywink secrets....

The Fighting Yank- protecting America from the Renaissance Faire!

First, you shouldn't actually put the word "headquarters" on the door to you hideout. Second, "Keep Out" doesn't work on kid sisters, so it certainly won't work on the Fighting Yank. Third, instead of buying personalized loot bags, you could have used that money to buy stronger locks.

Now, if you'll look closely in the bottom right corner, you'll see it says "Test No. 5". Many people take for granted how complex death ray science truly is, as it requires numerous months of testing before gaining FDA* approval. Obviously, you have to make sure your death ray works. What's less known is making sure it works; sure you fired the ray at someone and they died, but you want to make sure they died as a result of your death ray and not a heart attack. It's a very strenuous, thankless job, but when you get socked in the mush by a superhero, that makes it all worth it.

*Federal Death-ray Administration

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