Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Fighting Yank!

Since I'm on a public domain kick, I thought I'd shift from the Black Terror to another hero published by the same company, The Fighting Yank. The way his name is phrased makes me think he's about to be interviewed by Stephen Colbert. Anyway, the Yank, like many patriotic heroes, was essentially a poor man's Captain America, chock full of jingoism and not-at-all veiled racism. Here we go!

I have to wonder is some of these Golden Age artists actually KNEW what Asian people looked like. Either that, or the Yank accidentally moved to Uganda.

Yank isn't clobbering that guy because he's a Nazi; he just thinks that purple suit is really tacky.

My friends did something like this to me with the sun roof of my one buddy's car.

I should point out that the Yank can't fly, so in hindsight, jumping out of a plane with a bomb seems to be a poorly thought out plan. Fortunately, historians have uncovered footage of the results of this bold stratagem.

"It's 'Bridge Over the River DIE!'"

More to come!

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