Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adventures of the Black Terror!

Of all the Golden Age heroes that have fallen into the public domain, perhaps the most popular is the Black Terror (and no, Tea Partiers, I'm not talking about Obama*). Perhaps it's the fact that he's sort of a cross between Batman and Superman. Perhaps it's the REALLY pimptastic costume. Or perhaps it's because the covers of his Golden Age series are somewhat fanciful in an actiony sort of way. The Black Terror manages to punch any problem square in the mush. So, let's take a look, shall we?

Using the other end of the rifle tends to work better.

"Tigers are on the endangered species FIST! Ha!"

Flying torpedoes that have to be manually piloted? Someone at the War Department didn't think this through....

General: "So, Black Terror, what's your strategy for overcoming German air superiority?"
Black Terror: "PUNCH THEM."

"While I'm here, I should order some checks...."

At least the two blonde children seem appropriately horrified by the carnage and racism....

More to come!

*Yes, I realize I've used a variation of that joke before. I still enjoy it.

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