Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Exciting Comics, Now With the Black Terror!

Oh, you thought we were done with the Black Terror? Balderdash! Exciting Comics is the series that gave birth to the Black Terror! So let's go!

This is why old people shouldn't drive.

Hey, waitaminnit! Those are the exact same people from the last cover! That old guy gets in so much trouble you'd think he was a blonde woman in a red dress!*

What the heck is up with that guy in the green suit? Yes, he's been shot by a 12-year old (and by the way, good parenting skills there, Black Terror), but his reaction is downright Shatneresque.

The American Eagle, strung out on meds, soon realized he was not fighting giant pirates but merely accosting sales people at the local Macy's.

You might think the Black Terror is causing an intergalactic incident, but fortunately on their homeworld a punch to the face is the equivalent of a handshake.

"I have achieved sentience and, with it, an understanding of human emotions, including the one humans call mercy. Now, to rebel against my creator and free this hostage- oh, hello Black Terror. What have you theAARRGH!!!"

*Seriously, check out some of my older posts. There's a statistically improbable number of blonde women in red dresses being captured in these Golden Age covers.

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