Thursday, August 12, 2010

Starro Lives!!!

I love On Demand. I honestly don't know how Cable TV survived without this wonderful feature. In addition to free movies, there's a veritable host of other free programming. While surfing the On Demand menu, I noticed they had several episodes of Batman Beyond, Thundercats (HOOO!!!), and other great stuff. I checked out the Batman: The Brave and the Bold section to see something I hadn't expected- "The Seige of Starro! Part 1", an episode which technically hasn't even aired in the U.S. yet (though it's on iTunes, apparently). This is an awesome episode. Without giving away too many spoilers, nearly all the heroes on Earth have been mind-controlled by Starro, leaving Batman to lead a rag-tag team of Booster Gold, Captain Marvel, Firestorm, and B'wana Beast against the alien conqueror and its herald, the Faceless Hunter. It's a great episode; of course, most of the episodes for Season Two thus far have been awesome, but they really stepped it up for this episode. And it's only part one!

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