Thursday, August 12, 2010

Project Superpowers... TRANSLATED!!! (Part One)

Hey, all. I was planning to do a whole bunch of Project Superpowers entries next week, so I thought I'd do a few previews this weekend. Using the Bad Translator, I thought I'd translate the Fighting Yank's war journals. Included in each hero's (translated) name is a link to their entry on the Project Superpowers Wiki, so you can know who I'm talking about (spoiler warnings for those who haven't read it yet).

CD-Fight: It is a long time since I've seen the picture. You see, playing the windows! Now the picture now seems very simple, it must reflect the strength of our power play is encouraged, the Liberal Party! There is only one old friend, long-term loss of painful memories.

Green Lama: Jethro "Jet" Dumont, an old friend and training partner, in the form of philosophical questions and human diseases. Yes, we had a great battle between good and evil. In Buddhism, said he is always strange, but in those days, a soldier might hope. Now, after all these years, I returned to face more of the weapons, the death rate in China is not good.

Spirit of America: In fact unknown until now my world is the opposite of instant messaging. The flag of death to life characters, who in this issue reflect costs. This is my destiny and control the disk? Finally, in the American spirit? If so, his grandfather, the original Hank struggle? I need to find eternal rest?

Terrorism Black: We are more than brothers, Benton, Bob, myself and another terrorism "blacklist" The meeting was difficult and painful. Always strong and brave during the bank, which will strengthen and seal the last traces of fear, and increase their anger. This is my truth, I have no doubt they will.

The Death of the Devil: Burt Hill have a secret ally of his time back with more confidence in the bank. In the great war, the most important day, it has the ability to re-crazy reason, even today, more and more secrets. I did not know what is wisdom ....

Dynamic wife and family dynamics: He concluded that idiot and human survival, and family structure and dynamic, constantly changing recalled power. As a family business in a dynamic and dynamic power and wealth of the world, more than anyone can imagine. I think I know it's ringtone, but we do not know ... any ideas ...

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