Saturday, August 14, 2010

Project Superpowers Translated, the Conclusion!

Crusader: Master Archie has dedicated his life to science and to explore the possibility ... when he went to my bank, I've never been on the river after the war. I do not believe that the "crusaders" unknown status, the first nuclear-powered hero Archie, but the lack of power is limited to the United States, initial activities.

Beetle: The new champion of the scene, it seems that the basis for the Middle East. These "exit" from the banks, anyway? If expectations and plans ...

Savoie: Then, the police and villages of Central America, Niketeli fight against crime, a new level of registered trademarks, and created a series of installations • machinery and vehicles. Obviously, the output of these instruments may not be necessary, and the cloud amount increased. Only time will tell ... Of course, when we eagle owl girl?

Member: Tony Trent stayed in the preparation of reports and mask to fight crime, support for terror, liars and thieves, very quiet. Now, back to the disk, you can suffer the fate of Tony, we can not hide it any, you belong, where Tony lived a normal life seems to be a part of them till the end ... live in fear.

Waterpower: Rob Blake is the owner of the land, in fact, when you think about it. To monitor and maintain life on this planet, Bob had to return to the era's most powerful new ally ...

Final: If three, agility and strength, 3 to stop it? Three different people in one place all the bodies, but did not leave a color splash ... how to change three throwers only one is true?

Force F: Some people think it is a myth, but life is really a beast, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who bravely for their country to take in the Second World War battle. Now, the same forces were taken as well as non-life and disease, can not send soldiers were killed, Zhan cover ah and non-current, rather than scientific solution to replace the war to end war.

NOT the F-Troop that's featured in Project: Superpowers.

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