Friday, August 13, 2010

Project Superpowers Translated, Part 2!

Samson: We are all old and strong... I am the Nagasaki atomic bomb were killed in the Crossfire. However, in the Bible, it seems that his name Samson kill, even harder than men. Now, obviously, do not break the bank, but just to know. I know I will need more power than ever.

Samson killed steel samples*

Mask: I never knew Diana Adams, formerly known as the scourge of low background, active in the fashion world after the war, adventure and crime. It may even inspire you really call me a river, I do not know all the promises he is still a mystery and seems to have changed a lot...

Play to win Miss Congeniality will receive prizes and products, flowers and the fight against terrorism, the black struggle.*

Pyroman: Martin is still a friend ... After years of war, so I seized 49 tanks. I do not know how you feel, we are friends. He is in his possession until his death, and for producing electricity and heat, strong animals. As the energy and power, according to Bank of ... ah, it has to be seen.

Pyroman files and applications outbreak of the atomic bomb.*

Call: Jialipulei Preston Dalai Lama once again the spirit of green living people to discuss the humanitarian situation. Tibet was occupied by Harry's your body, and the power outage, and uses the same flame. Now he is looking at Linda, his former assistant, who is a symbol of flames of fire. I hope that the tragic outcome of the investigation, is not happy ...

Some people try to save the builder call.*

Police Company: I do not believe it, even when followed for a long time, but, after long efforts against fascism, Jack, service, open arms, light metals dynamic database and police-way streets and residential areas to provide our company. "They serve and protect" - but actually this service?

Arrow: Sometimes, the old way better, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Ralph proves his bow technology is unparalleled, and can give the same speed and the Nazi machine guns, but very in-depth special mission in Berlin is easy. I remember my hands and fingers are ready to install... high degree of double.

Material forces boys shake hands in time to stop the killing?*

*Translation- Samson slays the Iron Monster
*Translation- Miss Masque wins a beauty pageant and is awarded a trophy and flowers by the Fighting Yank and the Black Terror.
*Translation- Pyroman bursts through a newspaper while carrying an atomic bomb.
*Translation- The Flame attempts to rescue some people at a construction site.
*Translation- Swinging the body of one of the ghouls, the Arrow went into action in time to halt the ticking death!

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