Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wonder Woman DVD- A review!

     As you can probably surmise, Wonder Woman is all about the Doom Patrol Wonder Woman. The film updates her origin for a modern age- we see how the Amazons settle Themyscira, Wonder Woman gets born, hot shot pilot crashes on island, WW goes to Man's World and kicks ass. It's a fairly straightforward story, and it really works. The action keeps flowing, and the narrative never really drags.

The art style is really good too. It's like a mix of what Bruce Timm and company have done so far with just a hint of Aeon Flux, and it works.

The best element, though, is the voice acting. They pulled together a great cast for this one. When I first heard that Keri Russell was playing Wonder Woman, I was, "Seriously? Felicity?!?" but she actually does a great job. Alfred Molina plays the film's villain, Ares, and he's just fantastic as everything. Rosario Dawson, Oliver Platt, and others also deliver top-notch performances. Of course, the main attraction here is Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor, and he's just inexpressibly wonderful in the role.

The other main draw for this is it's PG-13 rating. True, all the other DC DVD's released thus far have had the same rating, but none of them seem to revel in it like WW does. There're beheadings and mature-themed dialogue (sexual in nature, but not explicit). Also, there's a scene where WW and Steve do MANY shots of tequila. Outside of Iron Man, how many superheroes do you see pounding back booze? None, that's who. And that's terrible.

Not forty cakes terrible, granted....

The 2-disc version also has a couple of interesting documentaries covering the history of Wonder Woman, and they're pretty interesting. The high point is you get to see Denny O'Neill squirm when confronted with his bulls***.

Overall, this DVD is, in my humble opinion, THE strongest of all the animated features Timm & Co. have released to date. So, of COURSE it's not getting a sequel. Grrr!!! Man, and the ending so totally sets up a sequel, featuring an awesome cameo from one of the only WW villains that's actually worth a damn.

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