Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turn Down Your Lights (Where Applicable)

I've made a few references to it in previous blog posts, but never really went into great detail about one of my favorite shows of all time- Mystery Science Theater 3000. For those not familiar with it, here's the basic premise (and if you want more info, google it)- a guy, stranded in space, is forced to watch bad movies and makes humorous jokes with the aid of two robot sidekicks. That's the gist of it, and over ten years, two networks (Comedy Central and Sci-Fi Channel), and numerous cast changes, it pretty much stayed the same.

 I first found MST3K in 1990 or so (I believe The Amazing Colossal Man was my first episode) and I was hooked. It warped my fragile little middle school mind. Many people say, "Oh, this or that had such an influence on me" but in my case it's true. I'll often make bizarre, absurd comments at things I see that I think are funny, even if everyone else thinks they're obscure or off-putting (which is most of the time).

This funny just had such a quirky, sarcastic, endearing sense of humor. Whether it be during the theater segments where the riffed on the movie or the host segments where they put on skits often (but not always) inspired by the film, this show would make you laugh.

So, what does this have to do with anything? Well, back in it's Comedy Central days, MST3K would engage in a Thanksgiving Day marathon. Since it's November and Thanksgiving is coming up, I decided to continue this honorable tradition and watch a selection of episodes throughout the month and list my thoughts on both the film itself and the actual episode built around it. As an added bonus, I will list any unusual effects the film might have on me.

Now, some of you might be saying, "You're mad!"

"He's mad!"

Perhaps you're right. But, I like the hell out of the show, and it's my blog, so get ready for some turkeys. Up first will be Robot Monster. Stay tuned!

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