Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can't we all just get along?

As many of you know, something tragic happened last week in Arizona. I'll spare you all the details, mainly because the 24-hour news cycle has come at this story from every angle they could. Suffice to say, the events of the past week has caused many to take a good, hard look at several issues.

One of the issues that has come up is that of violent rhetoric in today's political discourse. It didn't take a tragedy for anyone to know that things are pretty bad, but it has highlighted just how bad. However, there are some who are putting logic through the wringer to avoid having the discussion.

Quite frankly, violent language in what's supposed to be a civil discourse is wrong. And for those who say otherwise, they should be BEATEN IN THE FACE WITH WIFFLE BATS! THEIR KNEECAPS SHOULD BE SET ON FIRE! AND THEN... THE BEES!

Not the bees!!!


Hold on there, son! You need to simmer down!

What?!? Who said that?

Me! Your Uncle Sam!

What are you doing here?

I appreciate what you're trying to do, but it seems you've gotten yourself a bit hot under the collar. Why don't you rest a spell and let me take it from here?

Sure thing, Uncle Sam!*

There now. Our 1st Amendment is a wonderful thing. If'n you don't cotton to the way government is run, you're allowed to speak your piece without fear of being taken to the woodshed. But there are limits. When you start talking about "2nd Amendment options" because you don't like how a lawful election turned out, well, that's sedition, and that gets me all riled up.

We're all Americans and, goshdurn it, we should be more neighborly to each other. Now, I can hear some of you say, "But Sam, it looks like the tragedy in Arizona wasn't motivated by politics, so why should we tone anything down?" To that, I say hogwash! True, that shooter in Arizona looks to be goofier than a rattlesnake with a toothache, but what does that have to do with folks bein' nicer to one another? Just because the house is cold because the front door is open don't mean I ain't gonna check to make sure the back flap on my longer underwear is buttoned up.

Other folks are flapping their gums saying, "But the other side uses that kind of talk all the time!" Well, to that I say balderdash! There's a little thing called the Golden Rule, which says treat folks how you want to be treated. There's no conditions on that rule either. It's a simple enough thing, so I get plum befuddled as to how folks look it over so often.

Short and sweet, we're all just folk. And whether we realize it or not, what we say has a powerful effect. Sure, they're just words, but then, so's what's in the Declaration of Indepence, and there ain't no one who'd say to my face that those ain't some of the most powerful words ever put to paper.

There's a little lady who's an acquaintance of mine by the name o' Starfire. In that cartoon she was in with her friends, the Teen Titans, she once said something that stuck with me: "Your democracy is not merely about voting. It is about compromise. Out of many different people, you make one country. Out of many flawed ideas, you create one that works." And that's what it's all about folks- finding that middle ground in this great melting pot of ours to make one delicious meal. And that meal is called America. Call me old fashioned, but I got a hankering for seconds with a side of biscuits.

*For best effect, please hum "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" or patriotic tune of your choice while reading. Thank you.

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