Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Disney Songs Badly Translated- Part 1!

It's high time to revisit our old friend Bad Translator. Continuing with my theme of Disney posts, we're going to butcher some classic Disney songs, starting with "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. Enjoy!

Take a look at it. Isn't it great? 
Do you think my collection is complete?
Do you think I'm a girl, a girl who has everything?

Take a look at this treasure, countless treasures.
The cave is suitable for a miracle? 
Here, of course, everything should be done.

 I have a lot of gadgets and inventions.
I've got whozits and whatzits unfounded.
You want to ease up for a moment? I have 21 points!
But who cares? It's nothing that I want more.

 To the desired location. 
I would like to see, you want to see the dance. They are called? or feet!

 Fry the stickers you need to send a message to Peter Jive. Moved by what can I say? Via. (?!?)

 Even if they go on the run time,
where is the free flows during the day
to maintain, you want to be a part of this world.

 If they would put these waters to life what?
What is the salary on a hot day, which you can use in the sand?
 Bets placed on this planet to understand that their daughter not restarts.
Bright young women sick eswimmin writing.

 And ready for a person who knows what he knows.
My questions and get some answers.
What is fire, in the long run, why did he do it? Would you save?

 When is it right for you?
Love, love, in the same bank? 
From the sea, to be a part of the world.

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